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Geek in the City, 2009
Aaron Duran began Geek in the City in 2002 covering pop culture news, views and reviews, combined with social comment. It evolved into a weekly blog focusing on local "geek and nerd" events, and became a podcast in 2004.
In 2009 it began a serial The Crimson Mist, paying homage to pulp fictions of the inter-war years. Set in 1943, it focused on the adventures of caped crusader The Crimson Mist, whose sole duty was to protect the city of Portland, Oregon, from various villains, including a Nazi agent, an evil vamp Madame Roulette (aka Pandora of the box fame), and a particularly nasty piece of work administering a serum to local children so that they can rob banks.
The dramas were performed live, which means that they contained the odd fluff or two; but what is most noticeable about listening to them now - three years after they were first broadcast - is the enthusiasm and brio brought to every role by the cast. While the style was obviously tongue-in-cheek (how else could one react to the conceit that the city of Portland needed protection from a caped crusader working on the margins of the law?), it did not descend into parody. The cast obviously relished what they were doing, and did their best to create an atmosphere of suspense.
We now learn from the Twitter feed that the Crimson Mist adventures will return. I for one will look forward to listening to them.