The Demon by Jeffrey Adams

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Download The Demon from the Icebox Radio Theater

The Icebox Radio Theater, 2011
Imagine what it feels like to be trapped in a basement with no lighting, no cellphone connections, and the presence of an unidentified being outside. Such was the experience of pastor Justin (Jim Yount), Fred (Jeff Adams), local religious busybody Cassandra (Vicki Olson), and teenager Britney (Rachel Adams). Needless to say their emotions become more and more frayed as their ordeal intensifies, leading to violent and often shocking consequences.
Jeffrey Adams' drama concentrates on the relationship between the four characters. Justin believes that people are fundamentally good, and tries to set an example to his flock, but conducts a clandestine affair with Britney that does no good for his reputation. Fred supports Justin, but the two of them eventually cannot agree with one another as to the best course of action to try and deal with the demon. Cassandra is the typical example of a middle-aged busybody, who believes in her inherent rightness and is quick to criticize anyone that disagrees with her, especially Britney. Britney is a spirited girl, but actually the most vulnerable to attack by the demon, on account of her youth.
The Demon contains its fair share of frissons, as well as providing a convincing set of character-studies of human beings under pressure. I only wish that the dialogue had been a little less predictable: I did become rather irritated with the characters telling one another to "shut up" all the time. Perhaps some synonyms might have come in handy. Nonetheless this two-parter is worth a listen, but preferably not on dark nights.