Star Rabbit Tracks: In All the Shuttlecrafts, In All the Parsecs by N. J. Rainford

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Listen to Star Rabbit Tracks from Misfits Audio

Misfits Audio, 2010
Sometimes fans of classic television SF series express their appreciation in unexpected ways. Star Rabbit Tracks is the creation of Captain John Tadrzak, and focuses on the space travels of a group of rabbits bearing more than a passing resemblance to Captain Kirk and his crew. They are led by Captain Peter Rabbit (Alex Gilmour), a strait-laced figure concerned for his job yet not devoid of human feelings; others include Lt. Tonya Ears (Bobbi Owens), Commander Thumper (Rocky Rungano), and Dr. Harvey "Hopper" Smith (Michael Liebmann). Every one of them works for the common cause, yet display various foibles; this provides the inspiration for the plot of each episode.
The series is a treat - not only for fans of Star Trek, but also for those who grew up on Beatrix Potter, and who appreciate endless puns involving rabbits and/or other furry friends. The second series' writer N. J. Rainford is obviously a fan of classic Hollywood cinema; in the episode I listened to, I detected echoes of Casablanca, The Big Sleep and W. C. Fields as well as Star Trek. Recognizing such references is part of the series' pleasure; but the stories themselves are sufficiently tongue-in-cheek to appeal to listeners who are perhaps unacquainted with Hollywood cinema.
To be honest, the American accents are all over the place, betraying the multinational origins of the cast. But this doesn't really matter in a series which is designed to be a pastiche anyway. I'd recommend a listen - after a few episodes, I've no doubt you'll become a fan of Peter and his furry friends.