We Don't Need Another Hero by Jonathan Brown

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Tin Can Podcast, 7 May 2012
Two of Britain's greatest superheroes, the Beastrider (Chris Spyrides), and Gravilton (Ashley Hope Allen), are finally called into action by the mysterious Jack of All Trades (Matt Prendergast) to tackle an unnamed adversary. This represents something of an opportunity; in a workaday world dedicated to money-making and self-interest, there isn't much call for the kind of altruism associated with superheroes. As their employer's name suggests, however, this is a job commissioned by a Jack of all Trades - in other words, not a really heroic task but something that could equally as well be undertaken by nonspecialists. Perhaps the superheroes might be better employed on menial tasks, such as dealing with antisocial neighbours or tackling racial and gender stereotypes.
Jonathan Brown's short piece shows how much the world has changed since DC Comics and B Movies dominated the media, and children flocked in their hordes to Saturday morning matinees to witness the exploits of Flash Gordon, or other superheroes, or turned on the old Rediffusion Television to watch Adam West's Batman tackle yet another evil force threatening the future of Gotham City. Now superheroes are old hat, doomed to spend much of their time looking back on what might have been. With a South African accent strongly reminiscent of ex-Prime Minister P. W. Botha, the Beastrider complained bitterly of not being able to exercise his powers.
The play was strongly reminiscent of other spoofs, notably the film Love at First Bite, where George Hamilton's Dracula has difficulty convincing a cynical New York public that he possesses other-worldly powers. Recorded at the Kiss the Sky Bar as part of the Crouch End Festival, it is well worth a listen.