The Tale of Buster Bumblebee by Arthur Scott Bailey, read by Stefania Lintonbon

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AudioMysteryTym, September 2011 - June 2012
Rather cryptically described by the narrator as a "somewhat vintage" recording, using old technology - how can a piece be "somewhat" vintage? - this adaptation of a classic children's tale proved entertaining listening.
Born in 1877, Arthur Scott Bailey studied at Harvard University and became a wholesale grocery merchant in Chicago. He began telling stories to his stepchildren as a way of helping them sleep; his principal subject being natural history with a dash of morality thrown in. Hard work and thrift were the keys to success, however much Buster Bumblebee might think otherwise. The language of the tales is pitched at young children; however Bailey does use occasional complex phrases in the belief that, by discovering their meaning, children could advance educationally.  The stories were first published in 1918 and have not been out of print since.
Stefania Lintonbon has a beguiling voice; neither British nor American, but transatlantic. She obviously enjoys reading the tales, and she is careful enough to distinguish between the various characters by means of tonal variation. The only cavil I have with her undoubtedly professional efforts is that she repeatedly apologizes for the delay in producting her podcasts, before reading the story; it might have been better to have just continued with Bailey's wonderful book.  Nonetheless I recommend the podcast series to anyone looking for short bedtime stories to entertain their offspring.