The Skowl's Call by Tim Pylypiuk

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ANCA Radio for Blogtalk Radio, 19 May 2012
This radio drama is very much a one-person effort - adapted by Tim Pylypiuk from his own story, and narrated by Pylypiuk himself. It concerns a pair of pre-adolescent brothers who face perpetual danger from a creature of nature; and as they contend with that creature, they acquire both self-knowledge and maturity. It's a rite of passage story that at the same time points out that Mother Nature is not always quite as benevolent as artists, poets, and other creative writers have tried to suggest over centuries.
I admired Pylypiuk's effort; not only has he taken the trouble to write, script, read and score a drama lasting over two hours in length, but he reads in beguiling fashion, in a soft burr reminiscent of the great Alistair Cooke, host of the long-running Radio 4 series Letter from America, which ran from 1946 till 2004. Born Alfred Cooke in Blackpool, England, he spent most of his life in the United States; but carved out a reputation for himself as a commentator who treated his listeners as if they were guests at a fireside chat. Even if he discussed weighty events, his voice suggested calmness and authority. Likewise Pylyliuk came across as a narrator wanting his listeners to comprehend every word he said, despite the excitement contained in his lengthy story. He neither gabbled nor slurred his words; every syllable was delivered in measured tones. This quality helped sustain listeners' attention over the lengthy running-time.
Produced by Anca Radio on behalf of the Naturally Autistic Company, this drama provided a wonderful way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon. I look forward to listening to more examples.