Going West on Saturday Night with Harry Nation by Kevin Archer

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BCB Community Radio, 19 May 2012
Harry Nation, a washed-up television broadcaster, now finds himself presenting the Saturday night show on community radio. He interviews many of his colleagues involved in broadcasting on BCB (Bradford Community Broadcasting), and hears some of their stories about how to become an effective presenter. Sometimes it's just a matter of going in front of the microphone and winging it, irrespective of the potential pitfalls involved.
Harry talks about the format of his new show and eventually comes up with the title "Going West," as it signals his own travels from Leeds to Bradford. The fact that it recalls Village People's immortal hit of a similar name eludes him. He broadcasts the show, and interviews a protest singer who, although committed to his cause, lacks one essential trait - talent. Undaunted, Harry continues his show and signs off with a cheery "Bye for Now," recalling the ways in which Jimmy Young used to end his long-running Radio 2 show.
Kevin Archer's comedy captures the pitfalls of working in community radio, where the broadcasters make up in enthusiasm for what they might lack in professional training, but cannot always guarantee that anyone actually listens to them. This is not the case, of course: many community stations attract a loyal following beyond the catchment area they are serving, especially with the advent of online listening. Nonetheless, Archer manages to make some trenchant points about the sheer banality of some of a station's output.