Piercing the Veil by Peter Davis

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The Hellraiser Podcast, June 2012
This macabre tale of the occult concerned a Narrator (Simon Kane) recalling his life as a serial killer, or someone encouraging others to kill. In his childhood the narrator forced his best friend Jack (Richard Marquiss) to kill his counsellor (Kevin Haney); during his adult life the Narrator spent most of his life trying to kill people in order to experience what he perceived as the ultimate thrill of the occult.
Despite some incidental pleasures - such as killing a prostitute Tina (Amelia Cavallo) - the Narrator has not yet managed to discover the ultimate experience; that is, until he is offered a puzzle to solve by Kochard (Paul Thompson). The solution is difficult to find, but if he is successful, the Narrator will hopefully find what he wants. The task is complicated by the fact that Stevens (Philip North), actually knows something about the contents of the box, but will not let on, even though the Narrator keeps him prisoner.
Eventually the Narrator finds his way into the box, and discovers the secrets of an alternative existence. His first victim in this new identity will be Stevens.
Philip North and Peter Davis' production was genuinely gory; the sounds of trickling blood and unearthly yells regularly punctuated the action. Although the Narrator's search for that something seemed particularly extreme, we could perhaps empathize with his desire to find an alternative to life's humdrum realities. One began to feel sorry for him and his frustrations, despite the number of victims he killed in search of his aim.