All About Eve, adapted by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard from the short story by Mary Orr

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Gypsy Audio, 14 August 2012
This story has an impeccable pedigree.  Memorably filmed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz in 1950 with Bette Davis and Anne Baxter in leading roles, the story has also been adapted for the stage and turned into a musical (Applause). Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard's script was based on a version first used for the Lux Radio Theater production in 1951, when Davis reprised her film role.
This summer stock production recreated the element of sublime nastiness that permeates the characters' lives.  Margo Channing (Jensen-Woodard), a great star of the New York stage, was so bound up with her ego that she was oblivious to everyone and anything around her.  Addison de Witt (Mike Stokes) prided himself on being a great critic, able to pronounce judgment on what he saw, but lacked any sense of human feeling.  We felt that he almost deserved the treatment meted out to him by aspiring actress Eve Harrington (Tanya Milojevic).  'Eve' herself was the sublime manipulator, falling in and out of love with people whenever it suited her purpose, even if it meant upsetting those such as Karen (Kim Gianopolous) who had spent time and energy helping to further Eve's career.
Eventually Eve got her comeuppance, as the web of lies she had concocted in pursuit of her aims unravelled, and she was revealed for what she was.  Although she had achieved her aim of dominating the New York stage, her position remained as vulnerable as Margo's had been at the beginning of the play, as aspiring actress Miss Caswell (Channe Nolan) battened on to her in the hope of achieving stardom.
All About Eve is one of those timeless stories that will always hold our attention, in whatever format it might be staged.  Gypsy Audio's production was sublimely entertaining; the cast thoroughly enjoying themselves with a series of meaty roles.