Yes Santa There is a Davros by Aron Toman

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Download Yes Santa There is a Davros from 2012
As a radio drama reviewer, I come across material so wild, weird and wonderful in conception that I am totally hooked from the first few minutes onwards.
This is certainly the case with Aron Toman's Dr. Who Crossover adventure Yes Santa There is a Davros. After a particularly difficult series of adventures, the Doctor (Aron Toman) decides that it's time to celebrate Christmas, but Christmas cannot take place without presents, so he returns to Earth to do some last-minute shopping.  Buried deep beneath the shopping centre, however, is a creature determined to do harm to the Doctor. It's Davros (Liam Legham), who once again determines to ruin everyone's Christmas party ...
That's the basic scenario - one that is not entirely familiar to aficionadoes of the Dr. Who canon.  But this provides but the pretext for a wonderfully picaresque series of adventures involving Daleks, disappearing monsters, a Santa Claus (David Nagel) who repeatedly says - in vain, it must be added - that he's only an actor, a nonplussed female sidekick Destina (Jennifer Alyx) and some absolutely luscious production numbers performed by a wonderful cast.  I defy anyone not to be hooked by an episode that has the old Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalban song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" reworded as a duet for Davros.  Some of the other songs I do not know, but the lyrics are gorgeous.
I really appreciate the efforts of a talented cast in creating such an unexpected treat.