The Katniss Chronicles by Tony Caballero et. al.

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Inspired by the 2012 hit The Hunger Games - both novel and film - The Katniss Chronicles is a spin-off audio drama focusing on the adventures of the so-called Girl on Fire.
As someone who only recently saw the film, I do not feel that I am qualified enough to comment on thematic issues - in other words, whether the audio drama either embodies or departs from the novel or the film's original premise.  What I can say, however, is that this audio series seems to have some interesting antecedents in different aspects of popular culture.  The structure is very reminiscent of the toga epics that flourished in Hollywood in the early 1950s (Quo Vadis, The Robe), and enjoyed a renaissance at the beginning of this century with Ridley Scott's Gladiator. The competition-element has all the brutality of a boxing melodrama like Golden Boy or Raging Bull. The plot moves along at a great lick, reminding us that all great epic dramas depend on a rapid flow of character and incident. 
The production is enthusiastically performed by a large cast, several of whom have extensive experience of working in audio drama.  I liked what I heard, even though I felt like an intruder at a party, in the sense that the target audience for this drama is clearly those who have been inspired by The Hunger Games.  Nonetheless, I think that the entire series - running to multiple episodes now - is well worth a listen.