Every Seventh Wave by Daniel Glatauer

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Afternoon Drama on BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4, 14 February 2013
A sequel to last year's hit production of Love VirtuallyEvery Seventh Wave reintroduced us to Leo (David Tennant) and Emmi (Emilia Fox), who communicate solely by email.  Clibe Brill's production traced the ebbs and flows of their love-affair: Leo falls in and out of a love with leggy blonde Pamela, while Emmi's husband is on the point of divorce.  However much Leo and Emmi try to deny their feelings for one another, the more we understand the closeness of their relationship.
Every Seventh Wave makes some important points about virtual communication.  In many ways it provides a space for people to talk far more personally to one another, as compare to face-to-face contact: words and phrases can be exchanged without the problem of what tones the speakers might use.  Critics of Web 2.0 technology might dismiss this type of dialogue as a refuge, rather than an engagement with the outside world; but this viewpoint seems rather antediluvian in contexts where the smartphone provides the chance for instant communication.
I have to say that David Tennant is one of my favourite radio actors.  Hie has the ability to mould his tones according to the demands of the script; in this production his Leo came across as vocally confident yet tremendously unsure of his feelings.  The more he protested his love for his new-found girlfriend, the more unbelievable he sounded.  Emilia Fox provided an admirable partner for him.  Every Seventh Wave was great fun; an ideal listen for a dank Thursday afternoon.