Return to Our Fair City by Clayton Faits

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Find out more about the four seasons of Our Fair City, 2010--
One of the nicest aspects of returning to a long-running audio drama is the ability to identify certain aspects that did not seem to significant the first time.  In my original review of this "post-apocalyptic" series, I drew attention to the enthusiasm of the cast in producing regular episodes of a series which, while ostensibly set in the future, had its roots firmly in the past.  It looked back to the great SF series of the so-called "Golden Age" of radio, when listeners tuned in week in week out to listen to the adventures of their favourite heroes.  While listening figures for Our Fair City might not be so massive as for the old-time radio series, the number of tweets attracted to its site on Twitter indicates that it attracts a substantial following.
Anyway, as I listened to two further episodes, I became aware of another aspect of the serial that sets it apart from its rivals -- the quality of its writing.  To produce a series week in week out, and keep the plot going is no mean feat; but to take as much delight in language as the writers of this series obviously do is something quite unique.  Words are provided as much for their sound as their sense: the actors have great fun pronouncing polysyllabic nouns, taking cared to enunciate each syllable as if it were a tasty linguistic morsel.  Credit must be paid to the entire cast, all of whom have been listed on
As with any serial, there are a number of writers involved; I have just listed Faits as the creator/head writer, but there are at least six other creative talents involved.  The fact that they can produce a series so uniformly well written is testament to their abilities.  Long may it continue!