The Administration Episode 8 - Where Can I Find Three Wise Men? by Mike Murphy

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Misfits Audio, December 2012
This might seem an odd time to be reviewing a Christmas episode of any audio drama, but Where Can I Find Three Wise Men? makes some important points, even while trying to entertain.
President Richard Duncan (Joe Stofko) is trying to make sure that his Christmas message strikes the right note; to do this, however, he will have to make sure that he does not go off-message. However the Narrator (Terry Cooper) is far from convinced that the President can do this, having already managed to create two diplomatic incidents in China and Denmark (where the President's references to the poor quality of the Danishes being served to him for breakfast did not go down particularly well).
However there are other subversive forces at work to challenge the President's authority.  His assistant Mergatroid (Peter Katt) values his dual-citizenship; being a British as well as an American citizen, he believes he can enjoy the best of both worlds.  The President would like to do the same, but can only think of illusory territories (Narnia, Atlantis) for his second citizenship.  Mergatroid not only becomes exasperated with the President's responses, but plans a wonderful revenge that spectacularly succeeds, once the Christmas lights in Washington DC are switched on.
Where Can I Find Three Wise Men? makes some trenchant points about the pitfalls of going "off-message," and how damaging it can be, for aides and others alike.  Would that some political leaders could take heed of this point.