Radio Time Machine: The Night the Fog Came by Richard Thorne

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KSL Radio/ Mutual Broadcasting, Salt Lake City, 23 March 1953

The first Hall of Fantasy series originated in Salt Lake City in 1947 and was brought back in 1949.  Richard Thorne and Carl Greyson were announcers and were regularly involved. On August 22, 1952, Hall of Fantasy, with Thorne writing original stories or adapting classic works of horror.


In "The Night The Fog Came In," an aquatic, microscopic organism that causes certain death to all who touch was discovered by two scientists growing in marshland around Lake Superior. Unfortunately it could be carried by fog, and the weather forecast was not good. Unless they could find a way to neutralize it, the surrounding area would be doomed. The rest, as they say, you'll have to find out ...


Radio has always been one of the best media to produce horror or science fiction; the use of sounds can always suggest unearthly, impossible worlds that might seem anachronistic on screen.  This is certainly the case with "The Night the Fog Came In" - although only twenty-five minutes long, it packs considerable shocks into its limited running-time.


I heard the programme as part of the Radio Time Machine, a regular weekly podcast heard over the website Cult Radio A-Go-Go! ( which gives listeners the opportunity to present regular shows of their own including music, drama and other nuggets from the online archive.  The quality of these podcasts varies greatly, but they are always worth a listen for anyone interested in trawling the highways and byways of radio material online.