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T&E Productions, August 2012-
T & E Productions are a new audio drama outfit comprised of brothers Jessie and Samuel Howard, producing material since mid-2012 for download on ITunes, Bandcamp and other outlets.  Their specialty is producing spoof horror dramas; to date they have created nineteen of them, which says a lot for their enthusiasm, especially when the two brothers play all the characters as well as writing the plays.
I listened to two at random - Zombie Terror (episode 8), and Bigfoot (episode 12).  The first told a macabre tale of a small town apparently haunted by zombies; on the television the inhabitants were instructed to congregate at the town hall and receive an inoculation that would protect them against the invaders' malign influence.  Pitched against them were our heroes - a central character obsessed with video games and his accomplice, a giant woman with a broken voice.  However this initial premise - owing a lot to SF films since the Fifties - proved illusory; the dénouement proved that the zombies and the inoculation were not what they seemed to be.
Bigfoot has its origins in the B-westerns of the Thirties and Forties, as the protagonist goes in search of a mysterious Indian warrior.  Once again the premise is deliberately subverted, as we discover that the entire scenario has been dreamt up by a patient talking in front of his psychologist.
The actors - who, alas, have been uncredited - perform the dramas with a great deal of enthusiasm; their scripts are very funny in places, revealing an extensive knowledge of schlock films and television series over the last half-century.  On a personal note, I'd be happier if there was not so much bad language - I think these plays would be readily appreciated by younger as well as more mature listeners, and much of the swearing really isn't very necessary.  Nonetheless I applaud T&E Productions' efforts to produce a regular supply of comedy dramas.