The Alligator by Maya Eva Gunst/ The Vision by David Hoffman

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Electromagnetic Theater, June/ July 2013
Electromagnetic Theater have chosen to follow the path of Tin Can Podcast and the Wireless Theatre in the UK, and The Truth APM in the United States by producing high-quality original drama for the internet.
On the evidence of their first two efforts, their aims have been convincingly accomplished.  The Alligator is a comedy about two men charged with capturing an alligator.  Needless to say things do not turn out quite as planned, but there are some nice touches to this drama, as one of the protagonists thinks he is Robin to his partner's Batman; rather than capturing an animal, they should be caped crusaders saving the city from attack from yet another implausible villain.  The comedy arises from the gulf between what the protagonist believes about himself and what actually happens.  Good performances from a cast including Paul Guyet and Stephon Pettaway (although I wish there had been a full credit list attached to the podcast).
The Vision begins in the New York subway, as hotshot advertising exec Peter (Zac Hoogendyk) returns home on a crowded train, and finds himself disturbed by a proselytizing hobo telling the passengers all about Moses.  Everything goes black; Peter wakes up in hospital after having been unconscious for several days.  He recalls having tried to assault the hobo, something he would not normally do, being a peace-loving person.  Peter returns to work, but finds himself plagued by just the kind of apocalyptic visions that the hobo had been talking about.  David Hoffman's play advises us to take note of what people say, not what they look like; sometimes they have wise things to tell us. 
Currently there are two other short plays available on the site; lasting between fifteen and twenty minutes each, they are well worth trying out.