Edict Zero by Jack Kincaid

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Download episodes of Edict Zero, 2012
Edict Zero is a sci-fi audio drama, in which the title refers to a destination planet and the mission to reach it.  Following a series of cataclysmic events on New Year's Day 2415, the FIS (Federal Investigative Services) assemble a task force at their headquarters in Capitol City to discover the perpetrators, eliminate the dangers posed to the public, and deliver justice to the victims.  The drama focuses on the ways in which this crack team conducts their investigations, often bringing them into conflict with established hegemonies.
Now in its third season, Jack Kincaid's drama deftly combines sci-fi with the detective genre.  The action unfolds at a leisurely pace, often spending a lot of time speculating about ontological issues.  In the episodes I listened to ("The Captain's Understudy") - from the second season, the protagonists talked a lot about what it is to be, and whether there was any real distinctions between "life" and "death."  Perhaps there isn't in the dystopian worlds of the future.  Sometimes Kincaid's writing could do with judicious pruning (there are a perhaps a few too many two-character exchanges that tend to impede the plot-development), but the characterization is skilfully drawn and developed.
Edict Zero contains several familiar voices from the world of independent audio drama; to regular listeners across various platforms, the effect is rather like encountering old friends once more.  They include Julie Hoverson, Kincaid himself, Robert Cudmore and Chris Barnes.  Definitely worth listening to on a regular basis.