Pot Noodles and Knickers by Nick Card

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Cornucopia Radio, 13 July 2013
Long-time friends Dave (Phil Mason) and Kevin (Jonathan Syer) set out for a hike in the Peak District.  Although initially certain of where they are going, they end up getting lost and having to spend time out fending for themselves with very few supplies, other than a bottle of water and a pot noodle.
However the experience proves cathartic as they discover unpalatable truths about their lives.  In particular Dave understands how much of his life, both personal and professional, has been wasted, as he tries and fails to live up to the demands placed on him by his ultra-successful family.  Although there might be no prospect of a better future, the experience of being out alone helps him make sense of himself and his relationship to Kevin.
This tale of growth and development is juxtaposed alongside extracts from an ancient self-help LP, narrated by one Dr. Lilium (Paticus Roth).  Once belonging to Dave's grandfather, then his father, it has now been handed down to Dave as a way of helping him understand the potential within himself.  Lilium's clichés have precisely the opposite effect on him, making him aware of his personal inadequacies.  As the play unfolds, however, so Dave learns how to cast aside the self-help LP and make discoveries on his own instead.
While the dialogue sometimes becomes a little overloaded in terms of the moral views it tries to communicate, Peter Beeston's production offers a meaningful lesson for all of us about the importance of relying on ourselves.