Always in Season by Jonathan Dees

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Earbud Theater, 28 January 2013
A macabre little piece about a young couple (Jeff Cannata, Sabrina Stoll) who venture off into the hills to trace the whereabouts of a mountain lion. It is Peter's job, as a member of the university research team responsible for the lions, to find out what has happened to it; his partner Debbie goes along for the ride, in the hope that the experience of camping out might prove satisfying, both emotionally and sexually.
On their route they encounter an old-timer (Matthew Henerson), who is apparently out hunting for UFOs with his wife.  Initially Peter thinks that the old-timer is quite mad; there are obviously no such things.  As the play unfolds, however, Debbie begins to sense that she and Peter are being watched; she cannot understand who or what it is, but there is a presence close to her.  Matters become more macabre when they discover that the mountain lion has been killed, apparently bloodlessly, and that there are no vultures or other beasts around preying on its flesh.
The young couple go to sleep in the tent, but during the night they have a life-changing experience.  Although life seems to have returned to normal by the morning, we are well aware that this is merely an act.
Casey Wolfe's production neatly builds up the suspense through a series of sound-effects, as well as through the old-timer's presence in the drama.  The dialogue is taut and sparse, contrasting Debbie's increasing apprehension with Peter's apparent insouciance.