Hancock's Half Hour - The Test Match

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BBC Radio 7, 11 August 2010
In this episode from 1956, Hancock has aspirations to become a great cricketer. He makes it to the dizzy heights of the local Saturday morning boys' team (a member of which is voiced by Kenneth Williams), but ends up being knocked cold by a fast ball.
In his dream he imagines travelling up to Lord's to meet the chairman of the MCC (Sidney James), who picks him for the first Test against Australia, in the secure knowledge that England will lose, and hence Sidney will make a lot of money. Hancock's team-mates include Godfrey Evans, Frank Tyson and Colin Cowdrey, all of whom make guest appearances in the episode as cricketers trying their best not to make fun of Hancock's attempts to bat and bowl.
The Test Match is described for listeners by John Arlott (also making a guest appearance); after the Australians have made over 800 off one over from Hancock - who bowls so many no-balls that he never manages to complete it, England's reply is a pathetic 20. Australia knock up a further hundred and then declare, setting England approximately 840 to win. After some great batting from the team, the scene is set for a grandstand finish, with England wanting only four to win and Hancock coming in as the last man. Eventually England win with a fast ball from Ray Lindwall whistling to the boundary off Hancock's ear.
This episode offers numerous pleasures for listeners, not least the fact of hearing real-life cricketers of the time making guest appearances, and John Arlott willingly delivering a parody-commentary in his normal dulcet tones. The direcor, as with all Hancock episodes, was Dennis Main Wilson. 

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