Resolution by Shai Hussain

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BBC Asian Network, 9 January 2011
This short playlet, part of a series of three broadcast under the umbrella title Resolutions, concerned Murz (Adeel Akhtar), a popular and proficient DJ whose personal life was a mess. Despite his ability to work a crowd with music and chat, he found it difficult to relate to members of the opposite sex, much to the amusement of his brother Jits (Pushpinde Chani). Shai Hussain's playlet involved issues of masculinity, and how the need to conform to the stereotype of being able to relate to women, while sustaining that facade of strength and power, proves very difficult for Murz to sustain.
While performing live on New Year's Eve, Murz becomes so frustrated with himself that he leaves the party venue for a short while, and meets a girl Suki (Nisha Nayar) outside - someone who suffers like Murz from a sense of inadequacy. She has been ostracized by her family for a year, and resolves to reconnect with them before New Year's Eve has ended. Meeting Murz encourages her in that process of reconnection; the two of them seem to hit it off, and resolve to meet soon for a drink. The experience proves cathartic for Murz, as he understands that he does not have to pretend in order to find a girlfriend; rather he should remain true to himself.
Shai Hussain has a good ear for rhythmic dialogue, with the use of repetition, alliteration and assonance giving his segment of Resolution a haunting, almost musical quality. I really enjoyed it. The director was James Peries.